a note on barcelona

tonight i was flipping pictures and reminiscing about sui generis barcelona... located at the northeast of spain, bordering france, barcelona is one of the most distinctive cities in europe... it possesses a unique blend of history and modernism, a top priority destination on any enthusiastic traveler's list. i truly enjoyed visiting this city and admiring its cultural masterpieces and enthusiasm for life... here a couple of my favorite spots:
  • la sagrada familia. this unconventional church has been under construction for more than 130 years. the architectural guru antoni gaudí is the genius behind this masterpiece. symbolisms, venetian glass mosaics, and nature-inspired forms are a constant is gaudí's work and the sagrada familia truly represent gaudí's artistry. located in the first floor of the grand church are gaudí's remains.
  • la rambla. continuously alive, this picturesque street is home for dozens of musicians, poets, live statues, magicians, books, and grand trees. you can't leave this rambla without experiencing a tablao, you'll just marvel at the flamenco dance, the music, and the passion it infuses.
  • a walk down passeig de gracia avenue will take you to casa milá or la pedrera built from 1906 to 1910 -resembling a bee hive- and casa batló built in 1906, both representing gaudí's forever muse, lady nature.
  • declared as a world heritage site by unesco, parc güell -another majestic work from gaudí- is a truly beautiful, peaceful, and magnificent park with the architect's peculiar style printed on every corner... walkways of columns with forms of trees, geometric shapes, glass mosaics, and vibrant colors make of this park a definite must-see.
everything comes from the great book of nature. antoni gaudí

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