a note on bits of europe

while enjoying bocelli's dvd vivere 'live in tuscany' concert, little bits of europe pop in my mind… the grand place in brussels, an open-place plaza embellished with exquisite architecture. the various narrow streets running into this place are teeming with restaurants of every type of cuisine to accommodate every type of palate.  in the center of the place i remember discovering a tiny, adorable chocolate store where i pampered myself with a champagne truffle.

then luxembourg comes to mind and all i can remember are the amazingly colorful and beautiful flowers adorning the sides of the streets.

from switzerland i vividly remember its lake lucerne... encircled by mountains, this lake provides a beautiful and calming scenery. nearby is the picasso museum, where i thoroughly enjoyed looking at original photographs of pablo picasso’s everyday living surrounded by his children and his canvas... you discover a very tender and sensible part of the workaholic spaniard.

innsbruck, austria, an enchanting place surrounded by the alpes. austria borders with switzerland and liechtenstein and is a country acclaimed for its musical heritage… home of the amazing wolfgang amadeus mozart. from innsbruck i treasure my visit to the goldenes dachl (plaza del tejadillo de oro or golden roof) one of the most famous monuments in the city... is more like a balcony with beautiful frescos and reliefs of art built for emperor maximilian i.

assisi, italy, a charming and spiritual little town that belongs to the province of perugia, famous for being the place where san francisco -the founder of the franciscan order- was born. assisi's cobbled streets are narrow and the medieval feeling is captivating. i remember lunch at il pozo, a simple restaurant with one of the best house wines i have tasted.

...back to the concert.

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