a note on core 'ngrato and rosemary bread

it had been a while since i played my magnificent three tenors concert live in rome dvd. this glorious dvd -where the three classics plácido domingo, josé carreras, and the grand luciano pavarotti amaze their public in an awe-inspiring concert from 1990- takes you to a world of fairy tales. the music is magical, it transports you to the most beautiful and enchanting places.
this sunday, while baking rosemary bread and listening to core 'ngrato my mind traveled to the west-central part of italy about 23 km east off the mediterranean sea coast... rome. i clearly remember arriving to rome from assisi and encountering a city rich in history, art, and culture where the treasures of past history and the present modern way of life coexist in perfect harmony. after checking-in at the cristoforo colombo hotel i went to the bus stop and boarded bus 705 to the eu fermi train station. once at the station i took the train to la fontana de trevi. nicola salvi's fontana is a splendid work of art. from the center of the fountain emerges neptune riding a shell-shaped chariot pulled by sea horses each of which is guided by a triton... grand!  according to tradition, visitors toss a coin backwards to the fountain to ensure their return to rome.
while the smell of herbs impregnated my apartment and carreras' voice gave all it had to perform a flawless core 'ngrato, i also remember leaving the fontana and walking towards the escalinatas of the piazza de spagna. consisting of 138 steps, a fountain, and a church with two imposing bell towers, this piazza charmed my romantic heart. from the piazza i strolled down la via sistina and had dinner at la fontanella di sistina ristorante.
i remember arriving the following day at the piazza san pedro and having an one-on-one encounter with la pietá by michelangelo buonarroti...

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