a note on dining skills

i share my mother's passion for courtesy and civility. a good book on etiquette and protocol is always a good read and any course or seminar on etiquette is appealing to me. i have said many times that i have a deep love for rules because i believe they make life easier. 
i want to layout a few pointers concerning dining skills, specifically on what to keep in mind when arriving at the table.
  • look for your name on place cards. these are usually used in dinners for more than six guests. please never re-arrange them.
  • in case there are no place cards, wait until the host/hostess indicates where to sit.
  • in the event that other guests are socializing when you arrive at the table, approach each guest and introduce yourself.
  • provided that you have to stand and leave the table during a meal, simply excuse yourself without explaining why you are leaving the table. when you stand, do remember to place the napkin on the seat of your chair not back on the table.
  • if an item is not part of a meal, it does not belong on the table. mobile phones, tablets, keys, eyeglasses, purses do not belong on the table.
  • the correct way to sit and rise from a chair at the table is from the right side of the chair. approach your chair from the right side and enter it from your left side.
 enjoy these pointers. it is always good to better ourselves.

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