a note on ethical traits

we all know that beauty and social status are ephemeral... so what is that uniqueness, that mark, that distinctive quality... that trait that marks you as a person? 
your inner character is what defines you as a person. many traits converge to frame, shape, and fashion your character. 
your manners... even your dress! your dress is the nonverbal code of your identity seeing that without uttering a word your appropriate dress reveals to others details about your uniqueness and your character. moreover your courtesies, the high esteem in which you hold others and yourself. your genuine words of thoughtfulness and caring. your attentive details and concern for the well-being of others -even if they go completely unnoticed and unappreciated- reflect your strong values and place you in the minds and hearts of those who truly celebrate you. 
i insist, empower yourself with common sense manners.

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