a note on good manners

absence of good manners is the norm in today's society. i believe that the "everything me" factor plays a key role in our lack of consideration for others. self-centered, self-seeking, and self-absorbed people abound in numbers vis-á-vis civilized, caring, and well-educated men and women. we are forgetting how to be gentlemen and ladies... hence, here a couple of reminders:
  • common courtesy is acquitting oneself with respect for others.
  • do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • always say please, thank you, and excuse me.
  • hold the door.
  • lend a hand.
  • make every effort not to be late.
  • when you promise to call, call; when you promise to visit, visit; don't leave others waiting, respect their time.
  • offer help when you see it is needed.
  • don't wear clothes so revealing that they embarrass others.
  • do not brag, whine, or nag... instead give a sincere compliment.
  • be thankful; be loving.
educating yourself and taking into account common sense manners empower you to become a man and woman of accomplishment. remember, good manners and common courtesy will open more doors and charm more acquaintances than golf lessons.

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