a note on horse riding

all of those who know me know for sure i am enchanted by horses. since i was a little girl riding a horse for me was like flying and being on top of the world... there was nothing better than horse riding. i use to love going to the farm with my father -we lived in the city- i didn't mind if it was an all-men drive, i would get to ride a horse and that was heaven. 
lately life has been hectic and for almost a year the time to ride could not make it into the agenda... until today. i went back to my first love. today, riding for me was liberating, i felt strong, free, and... victorious. the might, nobility, and character of the horse adds something magical to us men and woman. i cannot describe exactly what it is but it is magical indeed what this strong creature can do for the feeble human. i agree with winston churchill in that no hour in life is lost that is spent in the saddle.
i am a horse lover, when i ride i am lighthearted and pleased.

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