a note on inés de la fressange

i loved visiting paris, france and i desperately want to go back. i mean paris is just the most romantic city in the world... art is everywhere, excellent baguette at all times, good french roasted coffee, croissants, the louvre, the d'orsay, les champs elysées, and... paris is at the forefront of the fashion world. 
the parisian chic style enamored me because it pairs exquisite, fine, up-scale pieces with cheap, around-the-corner elements... it looks effortless, simple, and so chic. good taste is found in the simplest of things. 
when looking for a reference in parisian chic style i go to the oh-so-elegant and smart-looking inés de la fressange. inés is the epitome of parisian chic. i truly agree with what she states in her lovely book parisian chic:
"the left bank parisian stalks the streets of saint-germain-des-prés, steering clear of anything bling. never look rich -glitter and logos are not her thing- a true parisian is uninterested in spending for its own sake and sporting the labels to show for it. she seeks chic and demands quality. her definition of luxury? a brand that guarantees good taste, rather than an all-too-obvious price tag."
a parisian rejects bling, explores new labels and mixes styles... i completely agree inés, that too is my definition of luxury.

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