a note on linen

people often ask me why my preferred fabric is linen and why don't i use more synthetics. well, the qualities of linen inspire me. what is not to love about a strong, durable, natural fabric -deriving from one of the oldest plants in the world, the flax plant- that has been around for thousands and thousands of years and has been long considered a symbol of light, purity, wealth, and beauty? i ask.
the flax plant requires extensive hand-craftmanship making linen expensive to produce. this being so, the mass production of synthetic fabric has overshadowed the virtues of linen. i hereby invite you to re-discover with me the enchantment of this natural fabric and enjoy all the beauty it has to offer.
the linen fabric feels lovely to the touch. it provides exceptional coolness in hot weather because of its permeability thus allowing the skin to breathe. the fabric's freshness is one of the qualities i value the most, since i spend most of my time in the caribbean where humid and hot weather are the order of the day, the refreshing attribute of linen is an amazing advantage. it is the fabric that pairs perfectly with sun, sand, and sea.

another characteristic i love about this vegetable fabric is its charming natural luster and soft feel. it simply feels beautiful to wear. 
what makes linen so singularly unique? linen has no elasticity so it wrinkles very easily. this tendency to wrinkle adds a particular charisma to the fabric... you know it is linen because it wrinkles beautifully.

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