a note on opening a bottle of champagne

a good host/hostess should always know how to properly open a bottle of champagne. i chose laurent-perrier champagne cuvée rosé and used riedel's latest wine and champagne glass design, tumblers.

you need to thoroughly chill your champagne.

remove the foil from the cork. the bottle always pointing away from you.

you will then see a metal cage around the cork. twist the metal loop to loosen the metal cage.

as you loosen the metal cage to remove it, keep your thumb over the cork to prevent it from popping aggressively.

remove the cage.

if you are celebrating, you push the cork towards the top to pop it out.

if you are having regular dinner at home, twist the cork to pull out, gently but firmly.


serve small amounts because it can get warm very quick.

c'est fini.

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