a note on talking and dining

i love rules... they make life so much easier. i've experienced a couple of awkward moments when dining out so i decided to pen down a few basic rules on what not to say when dining in a restaurant with friends.
here we go:
  • for starters, never talk with your mouth full;
  • if you are on a diet, your guests should never find out, don't discuss your diet on the table;
  • if you are the hostess and thus the one responsible for paying, you should not haggle over the bill;
  • when paying the bill, don't discuss the amount your are tipping;
  • don't engage in debates over politics, religion, or other sensitive issue;
  • if the flatware is arranged in the wrong order, don't fuss over it... just follow the basic rule of starting with the one farthest away from your plate;
  • we should not answer the phone nor text while dining with a guest... unless it is truly an emergency;
and... we should always think before we speak.

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