about np

nilsapuig was born out of love for organic-natural fabrics and quality craftsmanship.
in a world where fast fashion is king, nilsapuig is inspired by a slow fashion ethos. this brand ascribes to the principles of responsible design, ethically sourced clothing, and fair labor practices. every piece is made-to-order ensuring waste is kept to a minimum.
nilsapuig’s founder, Elizabeth D’Oleo-Puig, focuses on ethically crafted pieces. “using natural fabrics, each piece is 99% of the time created by a single sewer from start to finish. this process guarantees carefully and thoughtfully manufactured pieces with minimal fabric waste,” says Elizabeth. “i don’t believe in trends and mass production. to the contrary, i believe in a different kind of luxury, one that focuses on beauty, comfort, functionality, and honest design.”
what does the name nilsapuig mean?
nilsapuig is the founder's mother’s maiden name. "since everything beautiful i learned from my mother, i wanted to honor her with my work, being also that i inherited her love of bows, linen, details, and beautiful things."